BC Junior's "Pre-Registration Only" Events

These events are pre-registration only events, i.e. no on-site registration takes place. Pairing will be done in advance and first round starts on time.

1. All pre-registed players should check in before 9:30 am, and paying the entry fee if not paid.

2. Anyone not checked in by 9:30 am will receive 0 point bye for first round and be dropped if not there before second round.

3. A phone number will be provided for emergency contact (e.g. cancellation due to illness).

4. If for any reason you can not play all the games, request byes at the time of registration or before the registration deadline. Maximum two half point byes allowed.

Questions and Answers:

Q. I have registered online. How do I know everything is all right?

A. A pre-registered player list will be posted well before the registration deadline so you can confirm your registration.

Q. We used to show up at the site and pay the fee to join. Why not this time?

A. Due to the large number of players and very few hard working volunteers running these events, it is impossible to register on site and start the game on time. Also, the organizers need to know in advance if enough resouce is avaiable based on the number of registered players to make the adjustment.

Q. I really want to play in this event, but the deadline has passed and registration has closed. What should I do?

A. Sorry to hear you missed the chance to play in this event. Please register the next event now so you won't miss the deadline again.