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News 2006-2007

  • New Mailing List for Active Juniors (Aug. 13, 2007)

  • If you have been receiving chess e-mail bulletin in the last 3 years from juniorchess.ca, you will no longer receive them as the list has been deemed ineffective and retired. A new mailing list will be created, mainly for active junior players for event notification. You can subcribe to the list by sending e-mail here with subject "subscribe". Thanks to those who sent encouraging words and appreciation to juniorchess.ca. As requested, you will be on the new mailing list.

  • BC Juniors at Seattle Seafair Open (Aug. 12, 2007)

  • Four BC juniors joined this 5 round swiss/one section event, organized and directed by Fred and Carol Kleist of the Seattle Chess Club. Many Washington masters were among the 62 players. John Readey and Benjamin Calpo tied for first with 4.5/5.0. Facing strong competitions, BC juniors had outstanding performance: Jack Cheng 3.5, Richard Huang 3.0, Arik Milner 3.0 (defeating a FM) and Donovan Zhao 2.5. Jack, Richard, Arik and Donovan all won cash prizes. A group of strong WA juniors also joined the event, including Michael Omori, Matthew Yang (grade 6), Frank Qu, Robert Goodfellow (grade 5), Casey Xing, Matthew Song, Kate Tokareva (grade 4), Wisely Yu (grade 3) and Justin Yu (grade 2), and some of them won cash prize and "upset prize". Full standings here.

  • Junior Player Rating List Updated (July 19, 2007)

    Recent CYCC and Canadian Open tournaments have been rated. Based on CFC rating updates, BC top junior players under age 18 and Canada's top rated players under age 10 lists have been updated.

  • Canadian Open, a Truly International Event (July 16, 2007)

    Since juniorchess.ca started hosting Canadian Open viewable games online in the evening of July 9, there have been more than 2,300 visitors from 70 countries who viewed these games 4,500 times as of 12 pm PDT today. Fifty-two percent of viewers were from Canada, followed by USA (13.8%), Netherlands (4.8%), Turkey (4.3%) and Argentina (3.6%). In Canada, visitors were from 9 provinces with Ontario, BC and Quebec in the lead. US visitors were from 33 states. Washington, California and Texas were popular origins. There must have been a lot more people around the world looking at these games via other online game viewers, e.g. Monroi, due to world wide promotion by Canadian Open organizers (detailed coverage here). Here is the list of top 40 countries ranked by the numbers of visits to juniorchess.ca's Canadian Open game collections.

  • BC Junior Players at Canadian Open (July 15, 2007)

  • Twelve BC top junior players joined Canadian Open in Ottawa from July 7-15 (total 280 players). Final standings here and more details can be found on the "official" blog. Games of top 40 boards can be viewed here thanks to Monroi web site. In the end Bindi Cheng led BC juniors with 6.5/10.0 (and an IM norm!), followed by Richard Huang (6.0). Louie Jiang, Alexandre Botez and Yiming Han (5.5), Stefan Trandafir, Elliot Raymer and Jack Cheng (5.0). Photos of the closing ceremony.

  • BC Players Won Trophies at Canadian Youth Championship, Ottawa, On (July 6, 2007)

    Twenty-six BC juniors joined this well-run event of 189 players and eight of them made top three spot in their age groups. Janak Awatramani won first place trophy in U8 Boys with score 6.5/7.0 and John Doknjas third place (5.0); Joanne Foote second place (U10 Girls) after playoff (5.0/6.0); Alexandra Botez second place and Erika Ruiter third place after playoff (U12 Girls); Louie Jiang third place (U14 Boys) with 5.5/7.0; Chelsa Ruiter third place (U16 Girls) and Bindi Cheng second place (U18 Boys) with 5.0/6.0. Ten years old Ontario player Christopher Knox won U10 Boys section with a perfect score 7.0. Jingzhou (Peter) Lai and Donovan Zhao were in a 5-way tie for third (5.0/7.0) before playoffs; Yifei Han, Jack Cheng and Changhe Li tied for 5th place with 4.5/7.0 in U12 Boys. Most games are now online and a photo album here (thanks to Victoria for some of the photos). This photo shows 4 years old BC player Joshua Doknjas vs. 6 years old Leeam Polgar with Susan Polgar evaluating Leeam's positions (photo and story from Polgar's blog).

  • Junior Players Won Prizes at Keres Memorial (May 21, 2007)

    The 32nd Keres Memorial was won by IM Georgi Orlov with 6.0/7.0. Among the 79 players, 23 are juniors. Bindi Cheng won second prize in open section. Changhe Li won second prize in U2000 section with Alexandra Botez and Clyde Chen tied for third. Clyde Chen took U1800 prize. In U1600 section John Doknjas and Donovan Zhao tied for third. Vera Tardos and Gabriel Panaitiu tied for the U1300 prize. Full standings can be found here. The credit for this successful event is due to organizer and TDs Stephen Wright, Lyle Craver and Lynn Stringer. Thanks to Ken Jensen for some of the nice photos.

  • Team BC at National Chanllege (May 21, 2007)

    Team BC tied for third place after Ontario and Quebec. Janak Awatramani is our grade 2 national champion (second time), and Tanraj Sohal grade 5 national champion (for the third time). Grade 1 player Jonah Lee won second place trophy, so did Grade 4 player Alex Sabaratnam. Team captain Brian Raymer (Brian received the Outstanding Contribution Award for his effort in promoting junior chess), assistant captain Tanveer Sohal and team coach Greg Churchill, plus many supporting parents all made great contributions to the results. Thanks to Sunny Chow (K-12chess.com's web master) for keeping everyone informed by his blog "updates from Quebec City". Please follow this link for final standings.

  • BC Youth Chess Championship (May 5-6, 2007)

    Thanks to our sponsors Sprott-Shaw Community College and Terra Nova Starbucks (Richmond), more importantly, BC Junior Coordinator Ken Jensen, TDs Eugen Demian, Andrei Botez and many parent volunteers, BC's final major junior event for the season finished with a bang! Sixty junior players from age 6 to 17 competed in this annual provincial event. The 2007 BC Youth Champions are: (boys) Janak Awatramani (U8), Donovan Zhao (U10), Yifei Han (U12), Louie Jiang (U14), Stefan Trandafir (U16) and Bindi Cheng (U18); (girls) Asena Oclay (U8), Joanne Foote (U10), Alexandra Botez (U12), Karen Lam (U14) and Chelsea Ruiter (U16). The final standings and winner list are here. You can view photos here (Thanks to Karl Penner for some of the photos).

  • Sprott-Shaw April Junior Open (April 22, 2007)

    Another well run event with more than 50 players participating. The winner for Beginners U800: Ryan Yip, Second Jiwhan Moon, Third Luke Penner; Intermediate U1200 Winner: David Luo, Second Justin Wong, Third Kyle Zheng; Advanced U1500 Winner: Jacob Jensen, Second Nicholas Sorko, Third Matthew Herdin and Open Winner Tanraj Sohal, Second Alexandra Botez, Third Alex Sabaratnamn. Thanks to Ken Jensen for the final standings and photos.

  • BC Seconday School Championship (April 21, 2007)

    Winston Churchill School of Vancouver won this year's championship with a wide margin: 17.5/20. Thanks to organizer and tournament director Luc Poitras and St. John's School for hosting the event, forty players from nine teams competed for this year's championship title. Last year's champion Port Moody came in second (13 points). New comer New Wesminster School won the third place trophy (12). Seaquam Seconday A team only 0.5 point behind (11.5), followed by St. George's Senior School (11), St. George's Junior School (10), St. John's A team (8), Seaquam B (5) and St. John's B team (2). Here are final standings and photos.

  • BC Chess Challenge (April 7, 2007, Victoria, BC)

    Thanks to organizers and TDs Brian Raymer, Greg Herringer, Greg Churchill and many volunteers, this annual event was run smoothly at Grand Pacific Hotel of Victoria, BC. After strong competion and many play off games, the 2007 BC Chess Challenge Champions are Maggie Rose Macinnis (Kingdergarten), Jonah Lee (grade 1), Janak Awatramani (2), Harrison Lee (3), Alex Sabaratnam (4), Tanraj Sohal (5), Jack Cheng (6), Joshua Renaud (7), Thomas Chow (8), Henry Ji (9), Evan Raymer (10), Sam Churchill (11) and George Li (12). These members of Team BC will join other provincial teams to play National Challenge in Quebec City, May 19, 2007. Final standing here.

  • Fraser Valley Regional Chess Challenge (March 18, 2007)

    This year players from all over lower mainland are allowed to play in both Vancouver Regional and Fraser Valley Regional Chess Challenge and some players won multiple trophies from both events. The Elementary School team championship was closely contested. Surrey Traditional School and Laronde Elementary tied for first place, while Fraser Wood finished third. The high school competition was dominated by Seaquam High school in Delta. Chief Dan George Middle School of Abbotsford finished second thanks to the efforts of a strong contingent of grade 8 competitors. Results here and Glen has provided photos from this event.

  • Vancouver Regional Chess Challenge (March 17, 2007)

    Thanks to organizer Ken Jensen, TDs Stephen Wright and Andrei Botez, parent volunteers Wendy Jensen, Vince Tsang and others, this event attracted 142 players. The Vancouver Regional Champions 2007 (K-12) are: Maggie McInnis (K), Jonah Lee (Grade 1), John Doknjas (2), Jacob Jensen (3), Alex Sabaratnam (4), Bryant Vergara (5), Alexandra Botez (6), Jakab Tardos (7), Marko Mitrovic (8), Omar Jessa (9), Tedging Pan (10), Clyde Chen (11) and George Li (12). Many players are qualified to play in BC Provincial Challenge on April 7 in Victoria, BC (details). Please register ASAP. Final standings can be found here thanks to Wendy and Ken Jensen. Glen has provided photos from this event.

  • BC Juniors in the News (March 9, 2007)

    Local media is paying attention to many recent junior chess events, and some of BC young stars have been interviewed: Evan McFee (Langley Advance), Jonah Lee (Richmond News) and Jacob Jensen (Pearch Arch News).

  • Sprott-Shaw Grand Prix Finale (March 4, 2007)

    More than 60 junior players joined this final Sprott-Shaw Grand Prix event. Stefan Trandafir (photo) won the open section and received a pair of Canucks hockey tickets. There was a 3-way tie in U1500 section between Jacob Jensen, Peter Lai and Dylan Parker. Peter won the tie break round and also received a pair of hockey tickets. Other lucky draw hockey ticket winners were: Jonah Lee, Tanraj Sohal, Trevor Passey, Edward Qi and Algerd Kravai. This successful final Grand Prix event should be credited to Sprott-Shaw Community College for the site and fine prizes, Terra Nova Starbucks (Richmond) for providing coffee and light snacks, and more importantly, thanks to organizer Ken Jensen and a group of junior chess supporers and volunteers: Eugen Demian, TD for the upper groups of all the Grand Prix events, Peggy Lee for coffee and snacks, Glen Lee, Jay Zhao and Greg Canning, TDs for the U800 and U1200 section, Vince Tsang for photography, Susan McFee for registration and food services, Wendy Jensen for registration and paring, and many other parents for cleaning up the site. The U800 and U1200 section results here and U1500/Opem section here. Next junior event (March 17) pre-registration has started.

  • Elementary School Team Tournament (Feb. 17, 2007)

    Thanks to Luc Poitras (the organizer and tournament director), 32 elementary school teams from lower mainland and Victoria joined this exciting event. Teams from St George's School claimed first place in both Divisions. In Division A, St. George's scored 20.5 out of 24, followed by Pacific Christian of Victoria (15.5) and Osler (15.0). In Division B, St. George's Team B had 18.0 out of 20, followed by Laronde (15) and OLPH (11.5), which won play off against Chartwell. Team and individual standings here. This photo shows the organizer and the winning team.

  • K-12 Chess Tournament at Sprott-Shaw Community College (Feb. 11, 2007)

  • Thanks to our sponsor Sprott-Shaw Community College, the first pair of Canucks hockey tickets were awarded to Ben Arneson, a Grade 3 player from Bayridge School by SSCC President Mr. Dean Duperron. Also 10 teddy bears from the college were welcomed by K-3 kids. The success of this event should also be credited to Ken Jensen, TDs Stephen Wright, Andrei Botez and Glen Lee (Glen also helped food ordering), and photographer Vince Tsang. Here are the cross-tables and photos.

  • Sprott-Shaw Grand Prix February (Feb. 4, 2007)

    February's Sprott-Shaw Grand Prix event attraced 45 young players, including a large group from Nightingale school chess club, led by their captain Greg. Many parent volunteers' efforts contributed to the event's success, including organizer Ken Jensen, TDs Eugen Demian, Valery Miner, Glen Lee and Jay Zhao. Registration was helped by Wendy and Denise, food service by Susan McFee, photography by Vince Tsang and many others to clean up the site. Kingergartener Alexander Tsang achieved 3.5/5.0 in U800 section, then winning two tie-breaking games to receive thrid place trophy. Here are the results and photos.

  • Vancouver January Open (January 26-28, 2007)

    The first open tournament of the year was held in Vancouver Bridge Centre, organized and directed by Stephen Wright and Katherine Davies. Bindi Cheng won the open section of this 5-round swiss tournament with 4.5/5.0. Many juniors had outstanding performance as well. In U1600 section, Alex Sabaratnam and Foster Tom tied for first with 4.5/5.0. Studens from Seaquam Secondary School chess club were welcome additions to this tournament. Jimmy He, Jenny Hsueh and Johnny Zhang all tied for 3rd place with 3.0/5.0. Results can be found here.

  • Sprott-Shaw Grand Prix January (January 21, 2007)

    It was a very successful event with more than 40 kids coming from all over Greater Vancouver area. In addition to the tournament games, kids played bughouse, blitz and Nintendo DS during the break. Evan McFee, a very young first time tournament player, won the first place trophy in U800 section with 4.5/5.0. In U1200 section, it was a 4-way tie. Alejandro Torres-lopez, Jonah Lee, Joanne Foote and John Doknjas all had 4.0/5.0. Only after many blitz games the trophy winners were decided: John won the first place trophy, Jonah second and Joanne third (the only girl in this group of 15 players). Congratulations to all players. Many thanks to organizer and BC Junior Coordinator Ken Jensen, with support from Sprott Shaw Community College (the site and Canucks hockey tickets); TDs Andrei Botez and Eugen Demian; Registration helpers Wendy and Denise; Glen and Peggy for getting the trophies and the Starbucks coffee ready; and many parent volunteers. The results are posted here and some photos here.

  • BC and US Northwest players at North American Open (December 26-29, 2006)

    About 40 players (many of them are juniors) from BC, Washington, Oregon and Idaho joined this annual event in Las Vegas. Their names are coloured in orange in the final standings.

  • BC Players at Washington Class Championship (Nov. 24-26, updated Dec. 25)

    There were ten players from BC, and eight of them were junior players. Lucas Davies and Noam Davies won prizes in Master/Expert Section and Arik Milner in Class A Section. See cross-tables and games (thanks to Drayton Harrison for compiling these 149 games).

  • BC-Washington Junior Match (Intermat) (Dec. 2, 2006)

    Washington team took back this Intermat Trophy by winning the match 28-20. (see the updated team lineup with ratings). Supported by 3,386 grade K-4 active junior players, the lower grades of Washington team did really well and that made all the difference: Grade 1-4, BC 4, WA 12; Grade 5-8, BC 7.5, WA 8.5 and for Grade 9-12, BC 8.5, WA 7.5. Team captain and host for Washington is Karen Dixon and Katherine Davies for BC. The match took place at Chess4Life Centre, thanks to Elliott Neff. Final results here thanks to Jon Licht, Tournament Director for the match. Some photos of both teams can be found here. This one minute video clip (a 50 MB mpeg file) shows grade 1-4 players before the match. This match has been quickly rated under NWSRS by Kirk Winges. It is BC's turn to host the match in December 2007.

  • BC Juniors at Washington Thanksgiving Scholastic (Nov. 24, 2006)

    Three BC junior players played in this year's Washington Thanksgiving Scholastic in Seattle. This is a dual-rated event (NWSRS and USCF) organized and directed by David Hendricks. Jonah Lee (grade 1), Jacob Jensen (grade 3) and Donovan Zhao (grade 4) all won trophies in their grade group (see photos by Ken Jensen and Jay Zhao). Jonah also won an upset prize. Full standings here.

  • BC Junior Championship 2006 (November 11-13, 2006)

    Bindi Cheng and Louie Jiang tied for first (4.0/5.0) in the championship section. Arik Milner and Changhe Li tied for third with 3.5/5.0. Jessa Omar won the reserve section with 4.5/5.0, followed by Jakob Tardos (4.0/5.0). Thanks to TD Katherine Davies and Stephen Wright and many parents who helped out during the tournament. The prize winners are as follows:

    1st/2nd - Bindi Cheng and Louie Jiang
    1st U1700 - Changhe Li
    2nd U1700 - Jorge Prieto

    1st - Omar Jessa
    2nd - Jakab Tardos
    1st U1100 - Jonah Lee
    2nd U1100 - Janak Awatramani and Jazz Groden-Gilchrist

    See standings and photos by Ken Jensen and Andrei Botez.

  • BC Closed (2006 BC Championship, October 7-9)

    BC junior Lucas Davies and Louie Jiang played in this 8-player round-robin tournament: Results and Games.

  • Washington Junior Players Top 10 list published (Sept. 19, 2006)

  • If you ever played in Washington State scholastic (or open) events, you might have met or played these young but very strong players.

  • Labour Day Langley Open (Langley, BC Sept 2-4, 2006)

In this 41-player tournament (photo: the play hall), Brian McLaren won the top spot with 5.5/6.0. Fifteen juniors who joined the tournament did well. Bindi Cheng (photo: Bindi vs Brian) tied for second with 5.0/6.0. Vlad Gaciu, Sean Kelman and ten years old twin brothers Yifei and Yiming Han all tied for 5th place with 4.0/6.0. The final standings, a photo album and some of the games are linked on this page.

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