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News (more news at Junior Chess Forum) Also, juniorchess e-mail bulletin May 23, 2008

  • BC Juniors won class prizes at 3rd Langley Labour Day Open (Sept. 2, 2008)

  • BC Champion Brian McLaren took the Labour Day Open Champion title this year. Sixteen juniors joined this 40-player annual event. Juniors winning class prizes are Yiming Han (Class A), Henry Ji and Alex Sabaratnam (Class C) and Ryan Lo (Class D). Thanks to Victoria Doknjas for this report. Standings can be found here.

  • BC Juniors won medals at Quebec City, CYCC 2008 (July 28, 2008)

  • More than 20 players joined this annual national competition. Receiving silver medals are Jonah Lee (U8 Boys) and Changhe Li (U12 Boys). Three players who won bronze are Jack Cheng (U14 boys), Tanraj Sohal (U12 Boys) and Tse Ning Cheung (U14 Girs). Final standings here. These medal winners are also qualified to play in the World Youth Chess Championship in Vietnam. Deadline to commit Aug. 12th, 2008. A blog has been created for the members of the official team that will represent Canada. Please feel free to post, exchange ideas, ask questions, provide information, and keep up to date.

  • BC Juniors won top prizes at 33rd Keres Memorial (May 19, 2008)

  • Eighteen juniors joined this 79-player event, organized and directed by Stephen Wright with assistance from Katherine Davies and Lyle Craver. In Open section, FM Bindi Cheng tied first with IM George Orlov with 5.5/7.0. Changhe Li won U2000 section with 5.5/6.0 and Alexandra Botez tied for second with 4.5. Jacob Jensen won U1700 prize with 4.0. In U1600 section, Henry Ji won the first prize with 5.0/6.0. Dylan Parker and John Doknjas tied for third with 4.0. Hector Rathburn-Mackay won U1300 prize with 3.5. Please see Final standings, and games in PGN download here.

  • Canadian Chess Challenge in Edmonton, Alberta (May 19, 2008)

  • Twelve BC top players (one per grade) joined this national event and 4 of them won trophies (a team photo). Overall Team BC placed third, after Ontario and Quebec. Continuing a multi-year success, Janak Awatramani (grade 3) and Tanraj Sohal (grade 6) won championships with perfect scores of 9.0/9.0. Other BC's trophy winners are Jonah Lee (grade 2) second place, and Yifei Han (grade 7) third place. Follow these links for overall team results and BC's individual results. Thanks to Gyan for these nice photos, capturing the spirit of the event.

  • GM Nakamura Simul: 35 wins and 2 draws (May 10, 2008)

  • Although the organizers had little time to prepare and promote this junior chess fund raising event, this 37-board simul was a success. In the end, GM Nakamura, often moved with an amazing speed, defeated 35 challengers and only conceded two draws to Len Molden and junior Henry Ji. Thanks to GM Nakamura for his support of BC junior chess, and Junior Coordinator Ken Jensen and Richmond Chess Club organizer Norm Conrad for organizing the event, Kirsten Schrader of Richmond Culture Centre for securing the site with a short notice, parent volunteers Lara, Wolfram and the chess club members for helping out during this exciting evening. GM Nakamura's bio with interesting links here. A photo album here thanks to Marina for some of the photos. Some of the games were broadcasted live and will be available soon.

  • BCCF Bulletin #142 by Stephen Wright (April 30, 2008) 2008 BC-WA Intermat

  • BC Youth Chess Championship Results (April 27, 2008)

  • More than 70 young players joined the last provincial level junior event of the season. After two days intense competition, the BCYCC 2008 champions for each age group are: Maggie Macinnis (U8 Girls), Jonah Lee (U8 Boys), Leah Lifton and Ola Kubiak (U10 Girls, co-champion), Janak Awatramani (U10 Boys), Joanne Foote (U12 Girls), Tanraj Sohal (U12 Boys), Tse Ning Cheung (U14 Girls), Jack Cheng (U14 Boys), Richard Huang (U16 Boys) and Bindi Cheng (U18 Boys). The success of the event is only possible because of hard work and dedication of many volunteers, in particular, BC Junior Chess Coordinator Ken Jensen as organizer, Eugen Demian and Luc Poitras as tournament directors, Glen, Wolfram, Lara and many parent volunteers who helped in any way they can. See the photo album and final standings.

  • BC Team won 2008 Intermat with a Wide Margin (April 20, 2008)

  • This annual friendly international team match between the Province of BC and the State of Washington took place on April 19 at Sprott-Shaw Community College, New Westminster (BC), thanks to Ken Jensen and Glen Lee of K-12 Chess Association, the host of this year's match. Also, thanks to Elliot Neff for coordinating WA team and acting as team captain. Stephen Wright is the tournament director. BC players did well in both rounds (15-11 in the morning playing white and 17-9 in the afternoon playing black), winning this trophy back with 32-20. Although Washington's lower grade players performed very well, 10 out of the total 20 points were from grade K-2. BC's higher grade players determined the final outcome by winning grade 3, drawing grade 4 and winning grade 5-12. Individual results here, and a photo album here. Thanks to Vince Tsang, BC's team photographer, who provided an album with photos of every member of the BC team. WA players photo album linked here, thanks to Vince and Todd (WA) (See 2006 results, photos and a video clip).

  • Juniors at Victoria Chess Festival (March 25, 2008)

  • Grand Pacific Scholastic Winners: Iain Ang (4.5/5.0) in K-3 section (results) , Yiming Han (4.5) 4-7 section and Dylan Parker (5.0) 8-12 section. Grand Pacific Open (36 out of 83 players are juniors): FM Bindi Cheng won the event with a perfect score (6.0/6.0). Jack Cheng, Jingzhou (Peter) Lai and Tanraj Sohal shared U2000 prizes with 4.0/6.0. Joshua Renaud (3.5), Jeremy Hui and Malcolm Bowles (3.0) won U1600 prizes. Justin Wong, Alejandro Torres Lopez (2.5) and Daniel Lee (2.0) won U1200 trophies. See this page for detailed results. And 200 photos! Also, watch Josh Doknjas being inteviewed by Victoria TV Channel A (Warning: Windows Media Player needed for Windows / Mac users).

  • K-12 BC Chess Challeng Finals (March 9, 2008)

  • More than 200 qualifed players, some of them coming from BC's far away places, joined this well organized annual event. Here is a pre-tournament newspaper article. The 2008 BC Chess Challenge grade champions are: Joshua Doknjas (Kindergarten), Jingzhi Xu (grade 1), Jonah Lee (2), Janak Awatramani (3), Jeremy Hui (4), Frank Cheng (5), Tanraj Sohal (6), Yifei Han (7), Joshua Renaud (8), Richard Huang (9), Elliot Raymer (10), Tedging Pan (11) and Bindi Cheng (12). The success of the event should be credted to organizer Ken Jensen, Glen Lee and their families, chief TD Eugen Demian and many parent voluenteers. Selina and Vince provided the photos of K-5 players. The trophy winners and standings here.

  • Leap Year Open Results (March 3, 2008)

  • Thanks to Stephen Wright for organizing and directing this event of two-section, 36 players. IM Vicente Lee won the open section wtih 4.5/5.0. Junior player Changhe Li tied for 4th with 3.5/5.0. In U1600 section two junniors Frank Cheng and Hector Rathburn-Mackay tied for first with 4.5/5.0. Standings here and games online.

  • GMs Seirawan and Suttles Junior Simul on March 15 (Feb. 20, 2008)

  • More details available regarding this rare and exciting event. Please see details and sign up ASAP to reserve your seat (Only first 25 seats are guaranteed).

  • Vancouver and Fraser Valley Regional Results and Photos (Feb. 19, 2008)

  • Thanks to organizer Ken Jensen, TDs Andrei Botez, Eugen Demian and teams of dedicated parent volunteers, both events went well. Congratulations to players who made their best effort and those qualified for BC K-12 Provincial Chess Championship. You can find standings on the result page. Online registration is now open to all qualified players. This March 8 event will be held at BCIT. Details on the event page. Thanks to Vince for the photos of K-4 and 5-12 at Vancouver Reigional. Photos of Fraser Valley Regional linked here.

  • Vancouver Elementary Team Tournament (Feb. 2, 2008)

  • About 80 chess players of elementary schools joined this event of 17 teams. St. George's School won the team tournament in both Division A and B. Thanks to Luc Poitras, the organizer and TD, Toni Deline as assistant TD and Janet England as a helper, and the support of St. John's School (Mr. Sukhbir Bolina and many St. John's staff and students made this event a success). In Division B, St. George's team B won the competition with a wide margin, 18/20, followed by Osler (13.5) and Chartwell B (11.0). A much tighter race took place in Division A. Going into the last round, St. George's A was only one point ahead of Chartwell A (11.5 vs. 10.5). Chartwell A needed to win 4-0 against Seaforth to tie or overtake St. George's A, who was against Westcot. Both teams played well with a 3-1 victory, but not the margin Chartwell had hoped for. Final result: St. George's A won the Division A with 14.5, followed by Chartwell A (13.5) and Vancouver Christian A (12.0). Although not winning a team trophy, many players had good individual results and made great contributions to their teams: e.g. Jack Cheng of St. John's, Jeremy Hui of Seaforth and Hector Rathburn-Mackay of L`École Bilingue. Detailed results here, standings and a photo album here.

  • Sprott-Shaw Scholastic Open (Jan. 29, 2008)

  • More than 40 young players joined this K-12 event, which was divided into 3 sections. Final standings here thangs to TD and organizer Ken Jensen.

  • Vancouver Regional and Fraser Valley Regional Details Announced (Jan. 27, 2008)

  • All K-12 players and their parents should be aware that these two events are "pre-registration only (click)" events. There will be no on-site registration. Pairing will be done 24 hours before the tournament starting time. Please follow the event page and sign up now. Also, you may want to bring this notice (for Vancovuer shools and Fraser Valley schools) to your school principal or chess club coach to get your school team ready.

  • January Junior Open: a New Start with a Bang (Jan. 21, 2008)

  • Fifty-two players joined this first junior event of 2008, and many of them are new players. In beginner section, a new arrival, grade 3 player George Gu from Shanghai, took the first place trophy with a perfect score (5.0). Jeremy Hui won the intermediate section (4.5/5.0), and Jacob Jensen won the advanced section, also with a perfect score (3.0/3.0). Fierce competions took place in the open section. Twin brothers Yiming Han, Yifei Han and Foster Tom tied for first with 2.0/3.0. Yiming won the first prize by tie break. Full standings here. A nice photo collection is provided by Vince Tsang. In additon to the effort of organizer Ken Jensen and his whole family, the success of the event is also due to parent voluenters, such as Vince, Felix, Wolfram and others. Next event this Sunday (Jan. 27), a K-12 event by grade. Maybe it is time to get a trophy to show you are on top of your grade. Please sign up online ASAP.

  • Junior Player Rating Lists Updated (Jan. 17, 2008)

  • Thanks to Bob Gillanders (new CFC Executive Director) and CFC staff, now the CFC rating database is updated weekly. Last weekend's Vancouver Open (news below) has been rated. Also, as January 1, 2008, BC's top U10 players of last year, Jingzhou (Peter) Lai, Donovan Zhao and Alex Sabaratnam have moved into U12 age group. See updated BC U18 and Canada U10 player rating list here.

  • Vancouver January Open (Jan. 13, 2008)

  • Thanks to the organizer and TD Stephen Wright, thirty-three players joined this first CFC rated event in BC for 2008. Sharing the first and second prizes are Bindi Cheng, Lucas Davies and Pavel Trochtchanovitch (4.0/5.0). Changhe Li and Jack Cheng shared the U1900 prize. In Reserve section: first - Shahrouz Khoraman, second - Frank Cheng . See final standings and games. Stephen will organize Leap Year Open at the end of Febuary. Please sign up now by sending him an e-mail.

  • Web Site Statistics (2006-2007) (Jan. 4, 2008)

  • In the last 24 months, juniorchess.ca (this web site) has been visited by 30,620 visitors from 128 countries, mainly Canada (46%) and USA (29%) with a total pageviews of 171,400 times. The most popular pages are "BC Junior News" (16,568), followed by "Junior Chess" (16,567), "Events" (13,573), "BC Players" (11,001) and "Washington Player Search Page" (8,638). Details here.

  • Fritz 11 Available from Local Supplier ChessFirst (Dec. 12, 2007)

  • You can take chess lessons and read books to improve your chess skills. However, a good computer chess program can help you go farther. Fritz is such a program. What's new in Fritz 11? A new training function for Fritz 11 is calculation training. Contact Vas (a photo) to order your copy.

  • St. George's Junior Open (Dec. 9, 2007)

  • Despite the cold weather, twenty-six youngsters spent this wintery Sunday playing chess, thanks to St. George's Junior School and Luc Poitras, the organizer and TD. Many members of St. George's chess club joind the tournament. A few of the players played their first tournament games. The sections are divided by grades, except for secton A (open). Winners (top 3 in each section) recieved medals, chess books and special chess sets as prizes. The first place winners for sections A, B, C and D are: Donovan Zhao (3.5/4.0), Daniel Lee (4.5/5.0), West Tomalden (3.0/4.0) and Jiwhan Moon (4.5/5.0). Two first-graders Alex Tsang and Maggie Macinnis placed third and fourth in section D. Full results and photos can be found here. The success of the event was also due to the help from volunteers, such as Pierrette Savard (registration) and James Chan (assistant TD), who is also running the free junior chess club at Vancouver Central Library (downtown).

  • Sprott-Shaw December Junior Open (Dec. 2, 2007)

  • Twenty-four brave young souls ignored the snow storm and ventured out to play. Jack Qian scored a perfect 5.0 to win the Beginners section. An impressive new face Nathaniel Knox took second a point behind. Alex Tsang and Maggie MacInnis tied for third with Alex winning the tie breaker. The intermediate section had close competition with Kyle Zheng coming out on top half a point ahead of Algerd Karavai, who in turn was half a point ahead of Jeremy Hui. Tanraj Sohal won the Open section, ahead of Foster Tom and Alex Sabaratnam. Full standings here thanks to organizer Ken Jensen.

  • Results of Team Canada at WYCC 2007 (Nov. 29, 2007)

  • Twenty-five young Canadian players (up from 12 players last year) joined The World Youth Chess Championship in Antalya, Turkey from November 17 to 29. IM Yan Teplitsky is the team coach and captain. Ninety-one federations and 1436 players are competing with the world's best (including 143 titled players). BC juniors Janak Awatramani, John Doknjas (U8 Boys), Jingzhou (Peter) Lai and Donovan Zhao (U10 Boys) are members of the Canadian team. After the final (11th) round, Janak scored 7.5, highest scorer in the team, John 5.0, Peter 6.0 and Donovan 5.5. This page shows details of Canadian players' performance and their opponets' info. Thirteen players have scored 5.5 (50%) or higher. You can read Jonathan Berry's article of The Globe and Mail. A slide show is available.WYCC 2008 has been awarded to Vietnam, 2009 to Turkey (same tournament site!) and 2010 to Greece according to FIDE's 78th Congress' press release. Results of WYCC 2005 here and 2006 here.

  • BC Junior Championship (Nov. 12, 2007)

  • FM Bindi Cheng successfully defended his title with a perfect score (5.0/5.0). Taranj Sohal, Changhe Li and Foster Tom tied for second in the championship section with 3.5/5.0. In the Reserves Jacob Jensen and Dylan Parker tied for first and the third place prize was shared by John Doknjas, Frank Cheng and Trevor Passey. The final standings here and a photo album linked here.

  • Bindi Cheng's Simul at University of BC (Nov. 9, 2007)

  • In the afternoon of November 9, 2007 (a usual Friday club time), members of the UBC Chess Club received a special treat: a simul exhibition against FIDE Master Bindi Cheng. Thanks to Bindi and the club president Julian Doczi, the event was free to all club members.
    UBC Chess Club is one of the most active university chess clubs in Canada. It has more than 70 members. WFM Amy Wang and former BC junior champion Andrey Kostin are members of the club. The members are mainly undergraduate and graduate students of UBC. However, players from nearby communities are welcome to join for a fee of $5 per year.
    Barely recovered from recent illness, Bindi wanted the simul to go ahead, rather than re-schedule at another time.
    About 20 players joined the event, and some of  them were surprised to find out that this FIDE master is only 17 years old, younger than almost all of them. Some were interested to know if Bindi has any IM norm (one) and in which tournament the norm was achieved (Canadian Open 2007). To let the players fully enjoy the event, passes were allowed and players who lost quickly were allowed to start another game. The simul lasted about 2 hours. At the end, Bindi won all the games. You can replay one of the games, Bindi Cheng against Jingzhou (Peter) Lai, one of the grade 5 players of the club. A photo album here.

  • Sprott-Shaw November Junior Open (Nov. 8, 2007)

  • Forty-two players joined this 4-section event. This is also a BC Championship Qualifier event, as the winner of U1500 section will be seeded to play in BC Junior's Championship section. Jakab Tardos is the winner (3.0/3.0)! In Open section (4-player quad) Peter Lai won with a perfect score. New tournament player Matthew Cheah won U1200 section and Ryan Lo won the beginner (U800) section. The standings can be found here. The success of this event should be credited to everyone involved. The organizer is Ken Jensen, TDs are Bindi Cheng, Wolfram Herdin and Gord Passey. Many parent volunteers helped in anyway they can. Next Junior Open December 2, 2007.

  • Island Junior Open #3 (Nov. 6, 2007)

  • Last Sunday on the beautiful University of Victoria campus (Victoria, BC), twenty-eight players joined the third Island Junior Open in three sections, including a few first time tournament players. In novice section, Matthias So took the first place medal with a perfect score (5.0/5.0). Six years old Jack Levelt played his first tournament and achieved 2.5/5.0. Winner of Intermediate section was Kieran Atkinson with another perfect score. Sam Churchill and Elliot Raymer tied for first in the Advanced section with 4.0/5.0. The standings of all Island Junior Open can be found here. The event was organized by Victoria Junior Chess Society. Many people volunteered their time and effort: organizers Brian Raymer, Leah Shaw, Pierre Renaud and tournament directors Howard Wu, Perry Ruiter and Bill Liu. Malcolm Bowles and Miranda Meijer were helpers of the event among many others. Also thanks to the generous support of University of Victoria for the great tournament site. Next Island Junior Open is on Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008. Full Victoria Junior Chess Society tournament schedule here.

  • Grand Pacific Open and Victoria Chess Festival Announced (Oct. 29, 2007)

  • Chess organizers in Victoria, BC (on the beautiful Vancouver Island) announced the second Grand Pacific Open and Victoria Chess Festival to be held from March 21 to March 24, 2008 (Easter long weekend) at Hotel Grand Pacific with a special room rate of $95/night. The main event of the Festival, the Grand Pacific Open (GPO) will be a 6 round FIDE rated Swiss with a Guaranteed Prize Fund of $2000! In addition, there will be a junior tournament on March 21 and a Bughouse Tournament following the GPO on Monday March 24. Please check the event web site for details and updates. The player list has been posted and many juniors have signed up already! If you missed this event last year, here are the slide show and final standings. If you intend to join other chess players from BC, Washington and other regions, please send in the form at the end of this flier and book the hotel ASAP.

  • North America Youth Chess Championship Results and Photos (Oct. 16, 2007)

  • This year's NAYCC was held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, October 5-7 with 182 players. Details at the Official Web Site. BC's Alexandra Botez won U12 Girls championship with 6.0/7.0. Other Canadian juniors also had good results: Jonah Lee U8B 4th place (5.0), Jacob Jensen U10B fourth place (5.0), Tanraj Sohal U12B 5th place (4.5), Stefan Trandafir U16B 6th place (4.0) and Justin MacDonald 8th place (3.5). You can replay some of their games here (thanks to Stephen Wright). Thanks to Andrei Botez for the link of these photos, showing all Canadian players at NAYCC. The final scores and medal standings for each age/gender group can be found in this official bulletion.

  • Sprott-Shaw October Junior Open Results (Oct. 15, 2007)

  • Thanks to strong support from chess parents (setup, registration, food ordering, concession and clean up, too many names to list here), thirty-four junior players of all levels enjoyed this Saturday event. Washiington player Leanne Hwa (who won U11 section of BC All Girls Open last month) won the beginner section with a perfect socre (5/5). Jeff De Guzman won the intermediate section on tie-break. Jacob Jensen took the first place trophy in advanced section and Tanraj Sohal came first in the open section. The event was organized by Ken Jensen. Eugen Demian and Anca Dactu-Romano were tournament directors. The final standings can be found here. Photos to follow. Online registration has started for next event.

  • BC Juniors to Receive FIDE Titles (Oct. 11, 2007)

  • Congratulations to Bindi Cheng and Alexandra Botez for their achievement and receiving FIDE Master and Women Candidate Master titles, respectively. Bindi had outstanding performance during Canadian Open and Quebec Open in the summer of 2007. According to the newly published FIDE October rating list, Bindi's rating gained 69 point to reach 2307 and became BC's youngest FM. Alexandra Botez won gold medal for U12 Girls in recent NAYCC. This not only qualifies her for Pam American Games, but also a FIDE title of Women Candidate Master (see the certificate in Spanish).

  • More CYCC 2007 Games Online (Sept. 30, 2007)

  • Thanks to Hugh Brodie of CanBaseII for compiling some of the games of CYCC 2007 (now 590 games, including some of the playoff games). There were 26 players from BC at Canadian Youth Chess Championship, Ottawa, July 3-6. (news below).

  • BC Girls Open Tournament (Sept. 29, 2007)

  • Thanks to BC Junior Coordinator Ken Jensen, TD Andrei Botez and sponsor Sprott-Shaw Community College, the event went smoothly. Alexandre Botez won Open/U13 section, Washington player Leanne Hwa won U11 section and Leah Lifton won U9 section. Congratulations to all. Standings here, some photos here and more to follow thanks to Andrei Botez.

  • Labour Day Open Games and Photos (Sept. 26, 2007)

  • Thanks to Lynn Stringer, Langley Labour Day Open games and photos are available here.

  • BC Juniors at Seattle Fall Open (Sept. 24, 2007)

  • Three BC juniors joined this 5 round swiss/two-section event, organized and directed by Fred Kleist of the Seattle Chess Club. In Open section Arik Miner tied for first with Washington player Dereque Kelley (4.0/5.0). In Reserve section (U1700) Donovan Zhao tied for second (3.5/5.0). Thanks to Fred for organizing this well run event and sending the results to USCF so quickly: final stanings.

  • BC Juniors Won Prizes at Langley Labour Day Open (Sept. 3, 2007)

  • IM Vicente Lee of Alberta won this year's Labour Day Open with 5.5/6.0. The event was organized by Langley Chess Club (Hugh Long) and directed by Lynn Stringer. Junior players Bindi Cheng and Yiming Han shared the second prize with 5.0. Forty-four players showed up at the event, and 18 of them (41%) were juniors. Other juniors winning class prizes include Arik Milner (U2000), Alexandra Botez (U1800), Donovan Zhao, Alex Sabaratnam (U1600) and Joshua Cruz (unrated). Lynn has provided final standings.

  • More News of 2006-2007

  • More News of 2005-2006

  • More News of 2004-2005

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photo keepsake.

Finally, thanks to all the participants and their parents. The young women who will carry forward women's chess, Alexandra and Joanne, are both champions at the board and off the board because of their great sportsmanship, great integrity, and great fighting spirit!

-- Special Thanks to Victoria Doknjas for the great report!

  • Sprott Shaw October Junior and Open Events (Oct. 4-5, 2008)

  • The chess season was initiated by an army of supportive parents who organized and ran the Sprott Shaw October Junior tournament in addition to the new two-day Open event that is catered to both juniors and adults. Many thanks go out to all the parents that helped out and special thanks go out to Wolfram Herdin for organizing the volunteers and Lara and Michael Lo for managing registration. Thanks to all the parents who have stepped up to help out TD, manage the awards/concession and to those parents that came early and stayed late to setup and cleanup the site after the event.

    Summary of results is as follows:
    Michael Gao (5 points - 1st), Hasara Samayawardhena (4 points - 2nd), Jason Chang (3 points - 3rd), Alan Xui (3 points)

    U1200 Justin C. Wong (5 points - 1st), Raaj Chatterjee (4 points - 2nd), Angie Dong (3.5 points - 3rd)

    U1500 Jeff Anthony De Guzman (3 points - 1st), Jeremy Hui (2 points - 2nd), Anderson Yee (2 points - 3rd), Hector Rathburn-mackay (2 points)

    Final Standings for the Junior Event.

    Open (Adult/Junior) Jofrel Landingin (4 points - 1st), Louis Cheng and Henry Ji (3.5 points - tied for 2nd), Tanraj Sohal, Moise Herringer, Dylan Parker, and Jacob Lim (3 points - tied for 3rd)

    Final Standings for the Open Event. Photos are coming.

  • BCCF Bulletin #150 by Stephen Wright (September 24, 2008) BC Championship.

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