Labour Day Langley Open 2007 (September 1-3, 2007) (Back to )

Results of Langley Labour Day Open 2007

    IM Vicente Lee won this year's Labour Day Open with 5.5/6.0. The event was organized by Langley Chess Club (Hugh Long) and directed by Lynn Stringer. Junior players Bindi Cheng and Yiming Han shared the second prize with 5.0. Forty-four players showed up at the event and 18 of them (41%) were juniors.

    Full Prize Winner List:

    Open: 1. Vicente Lee (5.5/6.0) 2. Bindi Cheng (junior) and Yiming Han (junior)(5.0) 3. Dan Scoones and Paul Burke (4.5)

    U2000 1. Arik Milner (junior), Paul Leblanc and Jofel Landingin (4.0)

    U1800 1. Brian Davidson (3.5) 2. Alexandra Botez (Junior) and Jose Marionito (3.0)

    U1600 1. Donovan Zhao (Junior) (3.0) 2. Dennis Gairdner, Jason Lohner, Alex Sabaratnam (Junior)(2.5)

    Unrated Joshua Cruz (Junior)(4.0)

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